EastEnders death planned for Mother’s Day?

Is a member of the Hubbard or Fox family about to meet their maker?


Mother’s Day looks set to be explosive in Albert Square this year as tensions simmer over for the Hubbard and Fox families.


EastEnders bosses are promising that “all hell will break loose” as the slightly sinister Claudette tries to rid herself of the blackmail demands of the more-than-slightly sinister Gavin.

But as Claudette attempts to solve her grave problems once and for all, her son Vincent finds himself caught up in the commotion. “Things take a sinister turn, changing the Hubbard family forever,” said a show insider, before adding, “Will all come out alive?”

Meanwhile, recent returnee Jordan will be causing problems for Denise, who is trying to prevent him from going through with a dangerous plan. Will she be able to stop him?

Asked recently about whether Jordan will turn out to be a malign influence in the Square, actor Joivan Wade hinted:

“I really thrive when playing characters who are as far away from me as possible. Hopefully this will give broadcasters and producers the confidence to let me play roles that aren’t as close to me.

“In the past, I’ve played the sweet boy and the charming guy. But you get to a place where you want to do more interesting, fun stuff and really act. That’s what you sign up for when you become an actor.”

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