Donald Trump’s hair is mechanical as The Simpsons spoof the US presidential election

The race to become president just got the cartoon treatment


When The Simpsons turns its sarcasm to something, you know that that something is in trouble. This time, the something in question is this year’s US presidential election. 


In a standalone clip, Marge Simpson is seen having a panic attack at night as she struggles to understand all that’s going on in America. In a botched attempt to calm her Homer talks about it being like a bad dream that’s actually real and won’t go away when you wake up…


Marge proceeds to dream about the various candidates coming to blows, with Hillary Clinton using her pearls as a weapon and Donald Trump’s hair being mechanical. When she admits she wants to at least get to the end of the dream to ‘see who wins’, Homer wisely notes: “We all do, honey, we all do.”