Even die-hard Star Wars fans won’t have heard of these weird spin-offs

In a galaxy not-far-enough away


We now live in an age of constant Star Wars, where for the foreseeable future there will never be a moment where we’re not either watching Star Wars or waiting for the next movie or spin-off.


However, while Disney might be squeezing as much as they can from the franchise, George Lucas was doing it long before them. And some of the results were baffling.

Screen Rant has collected some of the lesser-known entries from the Star Wars universe, including some even the most die-hard fan won’t know.

Look out for surprise appearances from cartoon superstars Paul Dini and Genndy Tartakovsky, and one of the worst moments in Star Wars history.

Yes, even worse than Jar Jar.


Spoiler warning: almost all of them involve Ewoks.