Of course Matt LeBlanc’s first day filming Top Gear involved a Reliant Robin

London to Blackpool on three wheels. What could possibly go wrong?


It’s time for Matt LeBlanc to buckle up and get down to business: there’s Top Gear filming to be done.


The actor and comedian met the team for the first time on Thursday night ahead of filming for the new show with Chris Evans.

The pair met outside BBC Broadcasting House on Friday morning, and were greeted by two Reliant Robins emblazoned with the British and American flags. Hope he’s ready for a road trip…

Their Top Gear challenge is to drive from London to Blackpool, over 230 miles, in the three-wheelers and while it was all smiles when Evans and LeBlanc left, things haven’t exactly all gone as planned.

LeBlanc’s wheels have already failed him according to Evans. Well, this is Top Gear; poor reliability comes with the territory.


God speed Matt…