James May is worried that Top Gear will “struggle to fit so many presenters in their studio”

Let the Top Gear Twitter banter commence


Chris Evans’ new Top Gear team is big. Like, seven presenters big: that’s more than double the previous lot.


Which has clearly got James May, formerly of the Top Gear parish, worried. Where are they going to fit them all?

On Twitter this morning May joked that they would “struggle to fit so many presenters in their studio” – tweeting a picture of a place that is, admittedly, definitely not the Top Gear studio.

May is the first of the old trio to reference the new line-up since it was officially announced last week. However, new Top Gear boss Chris Evans took the joke in the right spirit, retweeting May’s post.

And it’s not as if May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are short-staffed over at Amazon. Remember Clarkson’s picture of his new crew last October?


You’d struggle to fit that lot into a trademark-flouting garage too…