DIY SOS: The Big Build restored everyone’s faith in humanity

As Nick Knowles and his team helped another struggling family, there was a huge outpouring of emotion online


DIY SOS is always emotional. You take a deep breath before watching. You know Nick Knowles is going to have you blubbing. It’s not a question of if, it’s when. Ever since they’ve focused on the ambitious big builds, which call on local tradesmen to help out, it’s become one long sob fest.


Last night’s Big Build was no different, restoring everyone’s faith in humanity with a giant dust and plaster-covered hug.

Nick Knowles, his team and hundreds of volunteers headed up to Birmingham to help Charlotte and Chris Bull who have a nine-year-old son and four-year-old twins with global developmental delay.

The hoards of builders, electricians, plasterers and more had just nine days to transform what used to be Charlotte’s nan’s house into a space that better suited the developmental needs of her children.

But it took all of about nine seconds for viewers to get choked up, as the gang pulled out all the stops to help the struggling but unfalteringly positive family. One contractor even missed his own child’s first birthday to help out.

When the magnificent new house was unveiled, complete with a lift and special harnesses for the boys – plus a neat football pitch for their oldest lad – there was an outpouring of emotion on Twitter.

Charlotte cried, Chris cried, Nick Knowles cried, I cried…


And it made viewers feel particularly warm and fuzzy about people working together to make a difference.

But you know, some people weren’t crying at all.


Nope, not one bit…