Emmerdale: new victim comes forward in Aaron’s abuse case, reveals Danny Miller

But is it Aaron's sister Liv who's been through the same ordeal?


Beleaguered Aaron Livesy will be left feeling conflicted next week when a second abuse victim comes forward.


Aaron has already told the police that he was raped as a child by his father Gordon. And his case looks set to be bolstered next Friday when investigating officers turn up with news that someone else has spoken out about their own ordeal.

“Aaron is absolutely gutted but also relieved,” says actor Danny Miller. “He’s upset that this has happened to someone else and that it might not have happened had he spoken out sooner. But he’s also relieved that he can now believe in himself and that Gordon has been revealed to be the person he is. A monster.”

The revelation comes at the climax of a fraught week for Aaron who has found fresh trouble after tracking down his sister Liv and stepmother Sandra. Hoping to get evidence of Gordon’s abuse, Aaron instead encounters new complications.

“At this time, Aaron is feeling paranoid. And when he sees how shocked Sandra is to see him, Aaron works out that she must have known all about Gordon. And that she’s in denial for fear of incriminating herself. Sandra could go to prison because she’s been complicit by staying silent.

“But, in that moment, Aaron gets angrier and blows it. He forgets who he is and grabs hold of Sandra. And his sister Liv sees what’s going on and it breaks her heart.”


In the aftermath of the showdown, Sandra denies all knowledge of Gordon’s abuse, while a despairing Aaron decides to drop the case. Then comes DS Wise with news that Aaron wasn’t the only one to have suffered in silence. The instant worry for Aaron though is that it’s his sister Liv who was also abused.

“The police are giving Aaron what they think is good news by telling him that they now have enough evidence to charge Gordon. But Aaron is panicking that the victim is his sister. It’s a very real worry. But the police then clarify that it’s a man who’s spoken out.”

This latest twist looks set to keep Aaron in the spotlight on Emmerdale, news that will be welcomed by Miller’s legion of fans who have been praising his powerhouse performances in recent months. But how has the emotional storyline affected the man himself?

“It has been difficult to switch off from a day’s work. And it’s been a challenge. But I wanted to take this on for people who have been through ordeals like this in the past. We’re trying to raise awareness and help more people come forward and speak out.

“But I feel blessed that Emmerdale has given me this story. It’s very dark and not very nice to read in some parts. But some people are actually going through this – and if one or two of them step forward, then we’ve done the job.”

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