Have you seen what fans did to the bathroom of the cafe JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter in?

Magical mischief has been managed by fans of the book series


We all know JK Rowling decided to doodle on the bust in her Edinburgh hotel room when she finished Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows but have you seen what fans have done to the bathroom of the cafe she wrote The Philosopher’s Stone in.


Redditor isaywekeepit headed to The Elephant House in Edinburgh and discovered something truly magical in its bathroom – a shrine to The Boy Who Lived and the woman who gave him life.

Fans have flocked to the cafe, located in the city centre near the University of Edinburgh, to pay homage to their favourite author for years.

And there’s evidence of just how far they’re willing to go for Mr Potter on the cafe’s Trip Advisor page too.


The House Elves must have a NIGHTMARE trying to clean it all off at the end of the day.