Why Rory Reid looks like a great signing for Chris Evans’s new Top Gear

The motoring journalist may not be a big name but he looks to have car knowledge, charisma and comedy value


You may not recognise his name but Rory Reid looks like he might be a clever bit of recruiting to Chris Evans’s Top Gear team. Apart from the fact that it will be nice to see a black presenter on a show that for well over a decade has been fronted by a trio of middle-aged white men, Reid appears to have the car knowledge, charisma and entrepreneurial spirit essential for the job.


The 36-year-old south Londoner – the only member of the new line-up chosen via open auditions – is a motoring journalist and founder of Recombu.com, a review and comparison website covering cars, mobile phones, broadband and TV. He has telly experience on Sky’s short-lived tech show Gadget Geeks and has fronted numerous car review videos for Recombu, which give a clue to what his approach might be in Top Gear.

Reid clearly knows and loves his cars but his reviews always have a tongue in cheek element, whether that means trying to look cool by vaulting into a convertible only to damage his knee, or by actually rapping his love of a Rolls Royce Ghost – something that might be a step too far for some traditional Top Gear viewers but which is actually a lot better than it sounds and shows Reid’s talent for self-deprecating comedy…


Take a look back at Reid’s work on YouTube channel Fast, Furious and Funny, meanwhile, and you’ll find features in which he attempts to lift a car using velcro, turns a Nissan Micra into the Batmobile and uses giant waterbombs to destroy a Peugeot 405. Remind you of anyone?