Mark Hamill’s finally revealed how Luke Skywalker felt after THAT Star Wars kiss

You don't need to be at one with The Force to know which kiss we're talking about


Remember the time Princess Leia smacked the lips on Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back to prove a point to Han Solo?


And then the pair found out they were brother and sister and nobody EVER mentioned the kiss again?

It’s the kiss that’s had Star Wars fans making jokes about the Skywalkers keeping it in the family for decades, and wondering how on earth the pair managed to play it so cool when their big secret was finally revealed.

Well, Mark Hamill’s finally revealed how Luke must have felt when he realised he’d locked lips with his long lost sibling.


Luke certainly hid the trauma well. And as for Leia, well, when Luke told her they were related she said she felt as though she had “always known”.