JK Rowling wants everyone to know she’s NOT writing a new Harry Potter book

The Cursed Child book isn't a novel – and it's not a prequel either


A new Harry Potter book is coming on July 31st but JK Rowling wants everyone to know that it’s NOT another novel.


The script for Potter play The Cursed Child will be released in book form on The Boy Who Lived and Rowling’s birthdays, and the author wants to make sure you don’t go buying it only to be sorely disappointed when you realise it’s an actual SCRIPT.

NOT a novel.

The book of the play is just one of a series of new Potter publications planned for release in 2016/17.


You’ll also be able to get your hands on an illustrated version of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, and a special 20th anniversary copy of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone in your Hogwarts house colours.