Tom Hiddleston reaches chilling new heights in High Rise trailer

It's tough at the top – some might even say it's killer


He’s turning 35 today so we’re guessing Tom Hiddleston’s already on top of the world but the trailer for his latest film, High Rise, puts him right at the top of a very tall building.


Based on the 1975 novel of the same name by J.G. Ballard, High Rise tells the tale of a young doctor, Robert Laing, who finds himself utterly seduced by the lifestyle in a very swanky high-rise apartment building.

It’s no ordinary tower block he’s living in, you see. Architect Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons) is a curious creature and his aide (Sienna Miller) proves a little too irresistible for our young medic. But it’s when he befriends a documentary filmmaker (Luke Evans), who’s determined to provoke the class injustices that pervade their tall tower, the real fun begins.


High Rise opens in UK cinemas on March 18th