Coronation Street: Carla to be the victim of Tracy’s shock blackmail plot, reveals Alison King

Will Carla be forced to leave Weatherfield as a result of Tracy's demands?


Is Tracy Barlow going to force love rival Carla Connor out of Weatherfield? It certainly seems that way after Toxic Tracy shocks the factory boss with a vicious blackmail scheme.


Scenes to be shown next week see Carla and Tracy cross paths at a wedding fayre. Tracy has a stand for her floristry business, while Carla is planning her upcoming nuptials to Nick. But it isn’t long before the pair are locking horns over Carla’s recent one-night stand with Robert.

After reaching the erroneous conclusion that Carla has planned a secret tryst with Robert, Tracy barges into Carla’s hotel room, snatches her painkillers and reveals that she knows all about her and Robert’s night of passion.

But Tracy isn’t finished there: next comes her plan to oust Carla from the neighbourhood. Her terms? Either Carla convinces Nick to sell the Bistro to Robert or Tracy will reveal all about her infidelity and ruin the upcoming wedding! Here, Alison King reveals all about whether Tracy will be successful in getting rid of Carla…

So, tell us what happens when Tracy barges into Carla’s hotel room?
Well, Tracy storms in and shuts the door behind them, after shoving Carla into the room. Carla is in desperate need for her painkillers, so she carries on trying to get her tablets out of her bag while Tracy storms round the room and the bathroom looking for Robert, before demanding to know where he is. She’s convinced they’ve gone off to the hotel bedroom together but Carla is obviously astounded and denies knowing where Robert is. That’s when Tracy grabs the painkillers off Carla. 

How much pain is Carla in when Tracy withholds her pills?
She’s in a lot of pain, but Carla is very good at putting on a brave face in front of people – which is why she went up to the room alone for minimal fuss. She’s also been shoved about a bit by Tracy and she’s just feeling so exhausted by it all – she hasn’t the energy to deal with her. Carla tries to get hold of the tablets, but she doesn’t have the strength she needs to fight back. 

So how does Carla react when Tracy tells her that she knows about her and Robert’s night of passion?
She knows Tracy is acting crazily because she keeps insisting that Carla knows exactly where Robert is. Carla is starting to get a bit panicked as to where this is going and how she’s going to escape this situation. But when Tracy drops the bombshell that she knows about the night in the casino, Carla is left reeling. She’s completely shocked and protests that she doesn’t know what Tracy is on about, but she knows she is in deep trouble here. 


And tell us what Tracy does when Carla admits what happened?
Tracy practically forces Carla to admit what she did and say out loud that she slept with Robert. She refuses to give Carla her painkillers unless she starts talking, so she really has no choice. But then once Carla does admit sleeping with him, Tracy becomes even angrier and she’s still not satisfied – she wants more answers. 

So how worried is Carla that Tracy will tell Nick the truth?
At this point, she’s just desperate to get the painkillers off Tracy and get out of the room. She’s doing her best to get Tracy to understand that Carla slept with Robert after he had split up with Tracy and that it had nothing to do with Carla wanting revenge on Tracy. It’s only when Tracy starts to talk about how it will feel seeing Nick’s face when he finds out about Carla’s night with Robert that Carla starts to really panic and sees no way out of this. She knows that Tracy would have no qualms about ruining things for her. 

What’s it like for Carla to be at Tracy’s mercy?
It’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Tracy has Carla over a barrel and I’m not sure how long Carla will be able to cope with that. Tracy will be relishing any opportunity to use this against her. The only thing Carla can think of to say is that surely Tracy wouldn’t tell Nick, because that would then mean Robert would find out that Tracy has known all this time too. 


So, explain what Tracy wants from Carla in return for not telling Nick?
Tracy wants nothing more than to get rid of Carla, to ruin her completely and take away everything that Carla has. Carla has been successful in Weatherfield and that’s what Tracy has always struggled with. She tells Carla she wants her move away from Weatherfield – but more importantly, she wants Carla to convince Nick to sell the Bistro to her and Robert. 

And does Carla agree to Tracy’s demands?
She has to think about it and she tells Michelle she’s tempted. I think she tries to see it as an opportunity to start afresh and walk away from everything that has ever happened to her in Weatherfield. Carla decides to test the water with Nick first and approaches the idea with him about them potentially moving away…

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