Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc have decided they want to be like Joey and Chandler on Top Gear

Could we BE any more excited?


Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc have had their first on-air conversation about Top Gear – and they’ve sorted out a few important things. Like sleeping arrangements, passports and the celebrity double-act they’re going to mimic (you’ll like the answer to that one). 


Speaking on Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show, the pair discussed the intense media coverage following yesterday’s announcement that the Friends star will be joining the revamped series. “I can’t believe the response,” said LeBlanc. “I knew Top Gear was a big show but it was on the front page of the New York Times.” 

He joked that he’d spent most of the day “ducking paparazzi” and was currently enjoying a glass of wine in the bar (that he happens to have in his house. Hollywood, eh?)

Evans then dropped hints about where the pair’s first filming slot would take place, checking the actor had an up-to-date passport “because we’re going to need them a lot”, before adding that he needed to get LeBlanc a South African visa for the occasion. 

But perhaps the most exciting prospect for Friends fans was the discussion of which famous pairing the two would take after.

“Abbott and Costello? Tom and Jerry?  Starsky and Hutch? Laurel and Hardy? Bert and Ernie? Or Rachel and Ross?” asked Evans.


“Joey and Chandler,” replied LeBlanc. Now that’s something we can’t wait to see…