Matt LeBlanc named Top Gear co-presenter: live reaction


– Friends star Matt LeBlanc has been named the new presenter on Top Gear.

– More “big names” to join Matt LeBlanc

– German racing star Sabine Schmitz and motoring journalist Chris Harris also set to be confirmed by as Top Gear co-hosts


So, if there are going to be more “big names”, who’s in line? Let’s run down the Top Gear Star in a Reasonably Priced Car leaderboard…


Matt LeBlanc 1.42.1
Rowan Atkinson 1.42.2
John Bishop 1.42.8
Michael Fassbender 1.42.8 (Ice)
Ross Noble 1.43.5
James McAvoy 1.43.6
Ryan Reynolds 1.43.7
Matt Smith 1.43.7
Tom Cruise 1.44.2
Amy Macdonald 1.44.4


“This is the Chris Evans show, let no-one be in any doubt about that,” a Top Gear source tells

However, both German racing star Sabine Schmitz and motoring journalist Chris Harris are also set to join Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc in the coming days.


BREAKING More “big names” to come in Top Gear line-up. Full story

The new structure is expected to see Evans with the sole main presenter credit and Harris and Schmitz as the most regular guest presenters, followed by other members of the “family” including LeBlanc and other personalities who are expected to be named in the coming days.


In other LeBlanc news, he recently reunited with his fellow Friends cast members (minus Matthew Perry) for a TV tribute to director James Burrows.


Pretty brilliant work taking place on the Reddit feed for our original story, re-writing the Friends theme for a Top Gear audience. “Your car’s a joke, it broke, the clutch just fell away…”


Classic Top gear posing…


News of LeBlanc’s signing is going global. US broadcaster NBC highlight the fact that he’s the first non-British presenter in the show’s history. They don’t call it BBC Worldwide for nothing…


Matt LeBlanc speaks.*



Ross is distraught…


BBC3’s Twitter feed has been firing all cylinders today (well, some of their most popular stuff are Top Gear repeats). Now we know how LeBlanc’s Top Gear conversation went…


Remember what Chris Evans said to kick all this off. “More to come”…


Should we expect any more big names today?


The Friends star is no stranger to the TG track. Here he is setting a new Star in a Reasonably Priced Car lap record in 2012.

11:09am – Breaking News

Matt LeBlanc to join Chris Evans as Top Gear presenter