Carol Kirkwood: Strictly Come Dancing made me much more confident

The smily BBC Breakfast weather presenter says her stint on Strictly has made her determined to stop feeling shy


Carol Kirkwood has always been a smily, sunny presence on BBC weather reports. But the 53-year-old says doing Strictly Come Dancing has made her even more “positive” and “much more confident.”


“Doing Strictly made me much more confident,” she told us at last week’s Radio Times Covers Party.

“It made me feel, ‘Just do it. Don’t be so shy. Don’t be scared of making a fool of yourself. Just do it and have fun.’ Thats how I’m trying to live my life now.”

Kirkwood took to the floor last autumn alongside professional dancer Pasha Kovalev, dancing her way to week seven in the competition. 

She says she would encourage anyone to do Strictly after having such a great time, but her ideal contestant would be Graham Norton. 

No word yet on whether he’s keen on donning the obligatory sequins and fake tan… 


Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC1 later this year