Sex tape scandal set to hit Emmerdale

Gabby finds shock footage of Kerry and Dan - and shares it online!


Gabby Thomas is to be left scandalised next week when she stumbles across footage of Dan and Kerry indulging in a spot of…well, let’s call it role play.


After clicking the video on the laptop in the salon, it isn’t long before it’s also attracted the attention of Gabby’s mum Bernice, who tells her daughter to delete it.

But, of course, Gabby opts to share what she’s seen rather than erase it and pretty soon both Kerry and Dan are being bombarded with funny comments and looks from their fellow villagers.

In the end, it’s left to Moira to tell the pair that there’s a clip of them doing the rounds online. And Kerry is left further shocked when she finds out that it was Gabby that has posted it for all to see.

However, after angrily dismissing Gabby’s apology, Kerry looks set to be pacified when she views the sex tape and becomes impressed by her own performance!

In a surprise move, Kerry then says that she wants the footage to remain online, a decision that leaves Dan incredulous. So is Emmerdale about to have its first adult video stars?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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