Home and Away: Kat finds Hunter in the bush after being drugged and kidnapped

8-12 February 2016: Plus Joshʼs eyes flicker but the doctors tell Andy and Evelyn not to get carried away


Monday 8 February


Hannah rushes to the hospital when Andy tells her that Josh has woken up, but the doctors explain that he is still in a vegetative state and all they can do is wait. A furious Charlotte confronts Irene after receiving an eviction notice and vows to fight it. Kat takes Olivia in for questioning over the vandalism of Charlotteʼs apartment. 

Tuesday 9 February

Olivia insists that as Charlotte is so hated in Summer Bay anyone could be a suspect. Hunter is drugged and kidnapped and left out in the bush. When Charlotte finds out what happened to Hunter she demands to meet up with Trystan, and in a rage puts an end to his campaign of fear. 

Wednesday 10 February

Phoebe wonders why they have not heard more from Denny and asks John to check if Marilyn is going to meet up with her in Europe. Kat sets out to prove Charlotteʼs guilt when she learns that Trystan has died of his injuries. Oscar is stunned when he accidentally finds out that Matt still has feelings for Maddy. 

Thursday 11 February

Ricky struggles over whether or not to tell Nate that she has located his father, only for the decision to be taken out of her hands. Oscar confronts Maddy about keeping Mattʼs feelings a secret and storms out. Phoebe takes her new job jitters out on Ash before asking him to be her practice student. 


Friday 12 February

Nate is taken aback when his father Gavin turns up to see him. Ricky apologises for her part in the surprise and encourages Nate to give his father a chance. A specialist visits Josh to do more tests which reveal a diagnosis that sends shockwaves throughout Summer Bay. Alf is pained to see Roo struggling to get over James and gives her the money for a trip away to clear her head.