Claude Littner: “I think I will be back” for The Apprentice 2016

Lord Sugar’s new aide initially wasn’t sure he wanted to do anything beyond the interviews, but has enjoyed showing he’s more than just ‘Mr Nasty’


Gird your loins Apprentice candidates, it looks like Claude Littner will return for this year’s 12th series.


“I think I will be back actually,” Littner told, after joining as a full-time aide alongside Lord Sugar following Nick Hewer’s exit last year. “You’ve got to wait and see.”

Billed as the toughest series yet, 2015’s run saw Littner join Karren Brady in following the candidates on each task, as well as returning for those infamous interviews.

But while the candidates might have been intimidated to have Mr Littner reporting so much back to Lord Sugar, he admitted it was actually rather nice to move beyond being the show’s ‘Mr Nasty’.

“Lord Sugar asked me a while ago. I prevaricated as I wasn’t sure it was for me. I really enjoyed doing the interviews and I was happy to carry on doing that. But both he and the BBC thought it would be a good move. I yielded in the end, I guess I’m happy that I did. From my point of view, I got the opportunity of rather than just being ‘Mr Nasty’, to actually show a bit more of my character.”

The businessman went on to say how “frustrating” it was to be unable to give advice during tasks and – along with last year’s runner-up Vana Koutsomitis – gives a piece of advice to candidates heading to the boardroom later this year…


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