The Flash of today battles The Flash of 1990 in awesome superhero mash-up

Who are you? "Just a bad Flash-Back"


You would think that The Flash would get along with someone who is nearly identical to himself. You’d be wrong.


In a new video mash-up created by Vulture, we see the modern-day TV Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) go head-to-head against the Flash from the 1990 CBS show (played by John Wesley Shipp). 

The video seamlessly interweaves footage from the two shows together.

While the older version of the fleet-footed superhero was a flop back in the day, he seems to always have the upper hand in this video. The modern-day Barry Allen puts up a decent fight, but he seems to struggle with keeping up towards the end of the video. 


What do you think? Who would win in a fight, today’s Flash, or the Flash of 1990?