X-Files fans really want to discuss the new episode in an AOL chatroom

Mulder and Scully - check. Now we just need that dial-up...


Brand new X-Files premiered in the US last night. There was Mulder, there was Scully, there was intrigue, mystery… but for many fans, there was one thing missing: an AOL chatroom.


Ah, those were the days, right? Watch an episode and have a good old chat about it all with other AOL-ers.

There were actual cravings.

Typing in capitals really proved you meant it.

People were still trying to log in. You know, just in case.

No, live tweeting isn’t the same.

It was a great place for sharing things, that AOL chatroom.

People were partying like it was the 90s all over again.

It was really all about the screen name back in the day, right?

People are literally still friends from those chatrooms.


Forget The X-Files, someone needs to bring back AOL chatrooms…