Neighbours: Lyn Scully arrives in town and takes Paul to task, while Piper lashes out at Tyler

1-5 February 2016: Plus Kyle and Xanthe continue to struggle to find any common ground


Monday 1 February


Lyn Scully arrives in town and takes Paul to task. Xanthe and Piper host a party at an empty display home, but are busted by the police. Paul discovers that some shares he gave to Lyn as a wedding gift are worth a lot of money and sets out to get them for himself. 

Tuesday 2 February

Lyn is wary of Paulʼs charm and suspects an ulterior motive. Kyle regrets telling Xanthe that she is not wanted and the pair have their first meaningful conversation as brother and sister. After Sonya learns that the council are going to remove the love locks from the bridge, Karl suggests that she should run for Mayor. 

Wednesday 3 February

When Steph finds out that the shares Lyn put in a trust for her are worth $70,000, she contemplates investing in Paulʼs business. Xantheʼs first day at Erinsborough High proves disastrous, but she finds a friend in Piper. Paige regrets dumping the stolen goods at a charity bin, but when she returns to move them she is horrified to find the bin is empty. 

Thursday 4 February

Brad begs Lauren to reconsider getting back together. Kyle offends Amy when he refutes a little too quickly the suggestion that they will be the next couple walking down the aisle. A love- sick Piper confesses to Tyler that she likes him as more than a friend, but he warns her to stay away as he only brings her trouble. 


Friday 5 February

Amy and Kyle start having problems in the bedroom. Doug takes a turn for the worse and Lauren suggests that he move in with her and Brad. Piper thanks Tyler for proving her wrong —she thought he was a decent guy but he is just an immature jerk! Steph is in for a shock when Lyn arrives with a surprise visitor.