Home and Away: Andy wakes up from his coma, while Charlotte continues with her desperate attempts to locate Brax

1-5 February 2016: Plus VJ is perplexed by Oliviaʼs hot and cold behaviour towards him


Monday 1 February


The Education Department informs Charlotte that she is no longer allowed to teach in the state, and in an act of desperation she crosses yet another line in her attempt to ensnare Kyle. Ricky sees a glimpse of her future with Nate and likes it—has she finally found the one? VJ is downcast when he realises that Olivia is more interested in Hunter than him. 

Tuesday 2 February

Charlotte meets Trystan and tells him that she wants out, but he loses his patience and threatens to expose her as a murderer—a comment overheard by Kyle. Ricky pushes Nate to tell her about his father and he finally reveals the truth—he is a gambling addict, and Nate has no intention of trying to find him. VJ does not understand Oliviaʼs bizarre behaviour and wonders if there is something she is not telling him. 

Wednesday 3 February

Charlotte draws Kyle into her web of lies by telling him that she is being blackmailed after accidentally killing a man who forced himself on her. Kyle responds by following Trystan and beating him up, but Charlotte knows that he has just made things so much worse. Matt tries to hide his true feelings from Maddy. The opportunity to work on Katʼs car prompts Ash to wonder if he can be a mechanic again. 

Thursday 4 February

During a moment of nostalgia, Andy kisses Hannah. Later that day, when Hannah tells Chris what happened, he walks out. Maddy tries to deal with the fallout from Mattʼs revelation and tells him that she wants to stay friends. There is a small ray of light when doctors tell Andy and Evelyn that Josh has shown a slight improvement. 


Friday 5 February

After Evelyn collapses at the hospital she is diagnosed with exhaustion. Chris struggles to cope with Hannahʼs revelation and admits that he is worried that she will cheat on him. Phoebe turns up for an interview at the school dressed in a casual rock chick outfit, determined to present her real self.