Coronation Street: Kevin panics when Jack goes missing – has Jenny taken him again?

Michael Le Vell reveals all about a fraught week for the Websters


History looks set to repeat itself for Kevin Webster next week when his young son Jack goes missing, only to be found once again in the care of Jenny Bradley.


With Kevin having been the most forgiving member of the neighbourhood following Jenny’s return, he’s aghast to discover Jack in her arms. 

A furious row then erupts with both Kevin and Sophie quick to tear a strip off Jenny who, as viewers will no doubt remember, snatched Jack six months ago.

But when Jack reveals that he actually followed Jenny into the factory, the Websters are forced to reevaluate the situation.

Here, actor Michael Le Vell reveals all about a fraught week for his character, who also faces relationship angst as current girlfriend Anna continues to hide her and Phelan’s past…

So, how’s Kevin feeling after Jenny returns?
When he first sees Jenny, he’s a little bit shocked and stunned and not too happy at Rita for letting her stay. That’s only short lived – he takes her to his and has a sit down chat. They realise they have got something in common – the death of their babies – and it becomes a relationship-changing scene. He goes from feeling so strong about her to wanting to give her a chance and he wants everyone to get off her back and give her a chance.

Are people surprised by his reaction?
Everyone’s surprised – Sophie, Anna, everyone. But he says they should give people a chance and live and let live. He’s applying this to Anna and Phelan too, because he doesn’t know the full story there.

So, tell us about Kevin’s relationship with Anna – what can we expect to see there?
Well, it’s up and down really, mainly because Kevin knows there’s something she is not telling him about Phelan. And he knows that there is something much more than just Owen and Gary and losing the business. They’ve had a few rows and it’s been a bit on and off.

They want to be together, but this is causing them a problem. Someone has come back from Kevn’s past who did something terrible and he has been open about it and is prepared to move on, but he knows there is some reason why Anna isn’t doing the same with Phelan and this causes issues.

So why does Kevin trust Phelan?
Phelan is very clever – he has manipulated Kevin into trusting him. He’s manipulated him into believing he is the knight in shining armour who has saved the day when the electrics go in the new garage – when the truth is that he sabotaged them in order to be able to do that. Kevin is a straightforward guy who takes people on face value – he doesn’t play games and would never dream of manipulating people like that.

How would he feel to know what Phelan did to Anna?
Things would be very different. He would be horrified and we will come to the point where he will start to see another side of Phelan. He will start to see him in a different light.

Later next week, we’ll see Jack go missing – how does Kevin react to that?
His first thought is that this is the reason Jenny has come back and he blames her straight away. That’s his immediate reaction – even though he has accepted her being there, his first instinct is to blame her.

What happens when he realises Jenny has him?
He just thinks the worst and doesn’t give her any chance to explain. He shouts her down in the street and shows her up.

How tough a job does Jenny have to convince him she’s innocent?
He’s not prepared to listen at all. Sally and Sophie are there putting their oar in, so she doesn’t get a chance to explain her side of the story. It’s is only when Jack tells him the truth about what happened that he realises he has made a terrible mistake and he apologises.

Where do Kevin and Jenny go from here?
I think they can be friends again – they have got a lot in common and they’ve known each other for 25 years. If the relationship with him and Anna hadn’t started then who knows what could have happened. He does tell her that he cared a lot about her, the he really loved her and that they had something special. If she had only opened up to him at the time, things could have been very different.

And what kind of future are Kevin and Anna facing?
I hope it works out and I hope Phelan moves onto someone else soon. Once he does, Kevin and Anna can make a go of it. I’m hoping she tells him the truth – she should have done that months ago and he would have dealt with it and been supportive. He won’t blame Anna at all. They have a lot of hurdles to get over, but hopefully they will make it work.

Is it nice to have Sally Ann Matthews back?
Yes it’s great. I love working with Sally Ann – she’s a great actress and professional in every way

Does Kevin have a happy new year in store?
Yes he does. He has a new business – I’m working more with Brooke Vincent, which I love. The team in the garage – me, Brooke, Alan Halsall and Dean Fagan – have a great time. It’s loverly coming into work knowing we’ve got some good scenes.

What would you like to see happening to him?
I’d like to see the new garage take off – they’ve built me a new set on site, so we’ll be seeing a lot of his new business. Hopefully, we still see the friendship with Tim as I love all that humour with the bromance. Plus a relationship with Anna and a friendship with Jenny.

What is brilliant about getting Kevin with Anna is that you’re joining the two families together. It makes them one big family and that means you can go in all types of directions. It’s got the making of a great set-up with exciting, interesting and funny storylines.

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