10 hidden Easter Eggs in blockbuster films of 2015

From a Jurassic dress code to the symbolism of Inside Out, it's the little things you find when you watch last year's big hitters all over again


As if you needed another reason to watch some of the biggest films of 2015 again, Screen Rant have gone and scooped up a whole new batch of hidden details you’d only really catch on a second or third viewing. 


Jurassic World, for example. Did you spot the all-white outfit sported by Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire? Yep, it’s a neat nod to Richard Attenborough’s role as John Hammond in the first film. 

In Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, ever notice that disgust resembles broccoli or that sadness actually looks like a tear?


It’s time to stop, make use of those pause and rewind buttons, and look beyond the obvious bits on screen…