Coronation Street: watch Pat Phelan make his comeback – see the full scene

What fresh hell is in store for Anna now that her nemesis has returned?


Sinister Pat Phelan is to make his return to Corrie tonight, but you can watch the moment when he resurfaces right here.


Phelan will be seen making the acquaintance of Kevin Webster, who soon finds work for him on the Street. And with Pat having falling on hard times in his time away from Weatherfield, it seems that he could be a changed man. But is all really all that it seems?

Phelan does, of course, have a history with Kev’s current love interest Anna Windass, having once blackmailed Anna into sleeping with him. But what is his latest agenda?


Says actor Connor McIntyre: “Phelan is a predator and Anna happened to be the right tool for him to use to get what he wanted. It was all a power thing. So no, I don’t think his return is specific to Anna, but obviously he will encounter her and her family again – so we will have to see how he handles that.

“It’s not about the strongest or the fittest, but the most adaptable…and if Phelan is one thing, he’s adaptable. He has to adapt to his new situation of having no money and no work, so we will see how he handles that. “

You can watch the clip from tonight’s episode below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Coronation Street.


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