Latest movies: The Revenant, Room, Creed, Ip Man 3

The awards are raining down on this week’s movies, featuring bear-bashing, big-punching and generally hard-hitting drama



After crawling through a snowy wilderness and going toe-to-claw with a Grizzly, Leonardo DiCaprio and director Alejandro González Iñárritu are now basking in the warm glow of awards glory. The plaudits are well-deserved for this truly epic film, which also features a wild-eyed Tom Hardy.


ROOM ★★★★

A story inspired by the Josef Fritzl case sounds anything but heart-warming, but you’ll be surprised by the spirit with which Emma Donoghue adapts her own bestselling novel. It finds Brie Larson in her break-out role as the young mum held captive with her son. She just picked up a Golden Globe, and it probably won’t be her last award this season.

CREED ★★★★

You can’t keep a good man down. Even after so many right hooks, Sly Stallone is back as the boxing legend Rocky Balboa, this time coaching the son of his old rival Apollo Creed. This may seem like a case of flogging a dead Italian Stallion, but guess what: Sly also won a Golden Globe. Take that.


IP MAN 3 ★★★★

A must for chopsocky fans, the final instalment in the franchise pits Ip Man against none other than former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. Even Sylvester Stallone is probably thinking that’s a desperate pitch for a movie, but then Donnie Yen in full flow makes up for the stunt casting.




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