Is this really Darth Vader’s shadow looming over Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

A major hint about Rey's heritage - or just a shadow, dude?


Who is Rey? That’s the question we asked before The Force Awakens opened in cinemas and it’s the question we’re still asking now.


Is she Luke’s daughter? Is Han Solo really her dad and just pretending he doesn’t know her? Was she born from The Force itself? Or from someone else entirely?

We’ve found it difficult to come to any conclusion ourselves – until today that is.

Because when we innocently posted this picture of Rey on the internet…

… someone spotted something we’d never noticed before.

Hold. The. Phone.

Haven’t we seen this somewhere before?


Is this another hint about Rey’s Skywalker heritage? Is it simply a suggestion that she has the shadow of the Dark Side looming over her?

Or is Rey actually… DARTH VADER?!


May the frenzied fan theory filled Force be with you!