Bill Gates rarely gives interviews — but he’s going to delve into his past on Desert Island Discs

The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft will choose his eight records for Kirsty Young this month


Bill Gates is a famously private man who rarely gives interviews — but we’ll hopefully get to know him a little better when he appears on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs this month. The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist will choose eight discs which mean something personal to him, while opening up to Kirsty Young about his life.


Given how Young manages time and time again to get even the most private castaways to reveal profound, surprising and funny anecdotes, we have high hopes for Gates’ turn on the iconic show.  

And his song choices? Well, they’re still to be revealed — but we predict Radiohead’s OK Computer. Maybe he’ll also ask for Lookin’ Through the Windows by The Jackson 5? And he’ll definitely pick that classic Fugees song Killing Me Micro-Softly… (sorry).


Bill Gates will be on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 31st January at 11.15am