Tears, trophies and temper tantrums in The Rack Pack trailer

BBC iPlayer's first comedy drama feature film features tension, high drama, excessive drinking and an attempt to throw a telly out a window...


Think snooker is boring? Think again. This week sees the release of BBC iPlayer’s first ever comedy drama feature film, and it’s all about the high drama world of snooker in the 1980s.


Those were the glory days of the sport, when a record 18.5 million people watched the BBC’s broadcast of the world snooker final in the early hours of one Monday morning. There are trophies, newspaper headlines and an awful lot of money.

But, when the main players became household names, a darker side to the sport was also revealed: bitter battles, excessive drinking and tellies being thrown out of windows. 

Meet Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins (Luke Treadaway) and Steve ‘The Nugget’ Davis (Will Merrick), two snooker superstars battling for the top spot…


The Rack Pack is available exclusively on BBC iPlayer from 17th January at 9:00pm