Google Doodle celebrates 388th birthday of Charles Perrault – but who is he?

Enchanting images of Cinderella, Puss in Boots and Sleeping Beauty celebrate the man who brought us magical stories


Once upon a time – well, today actually – Google transformed its logo to celebrate Charles Perrault’s 388th birthday.


The 17th-Century author – who spent many an hour in the court of Louis XIV – wrote stories in his sixties after he’d retired. And we owe the well-known narratives of some of our favourite fairy tales to him.

Today’s doodles, created by artist Sophie Diao, are an enchanting take on Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Puss In Boots – all created by Perrault.


Perrault is often credited with setting the standard for the modern fairy tale. He borrowed simple plot details and the aforementioned ‘once upon a time’ from traditional stories spoken aloud. He modernised them with images and the very act of putting them into writing. His stories came after Don Quixote but before that of Robinson Crusoe, the publication of his work fitting with the rise of the modern novel.


With fairy tale ideals as popular as ever today, once upon a time lives on and so does that hope of happily ever after…