Josh is taken to hospital after being attacked by Tank in Home and Away

18-22 January 2016: And Marilyn does not want to renew her vows but cannot face telling John


Monday 18 January


Roo tries to reconnect with Maddy but she can feel the gulf widening between them. Jamesʼ wife Megan confronts Roo and pleads with her to confront the reality of the situation. Evelyn grows more and more uncomfortable with the prospect of moving away from Summer Bay, and when she learns that Tank robbed a shop to get money for their trip, she tries to leave… but Tank has other ideas.

Tuesday 19 January

Rooʼs unease grows after being confronted by Jamesʼ wife. Evelyn manages to send details of her location to Josh and flees the shack. Roo is stunned when James admits that his parents died years ago and she walks out. With Evelyn safe at home, Josh spies Tank nearby and sneaks out to confront him, but suddenly Tank hits him from behind and he is knocked out, with no help in sight.

Wednesday 20 January

Josh is rushed to hospital where the doctors confirm that he needs emergency surgery. Hannah is taken by surprise when Chris tells her that he loves her. Doctors operate on Josh to relieve the pressure on his brain but he remains unconscious and may never recover. Ricky decides that she is ready to move things forward with Nate.

Thursday 21 January

Kyle notices Andy and Hannah getting close. Chris and Hannah make up and she tells him that she loves him. Charlotte gives Trystan the $200,000 and thinks her ordeal is over, but he has other ideas. When Kat asks him to move in with her, Nate realises that things have gone too far and finally plucks up the courage to break up with her.


Friday 22 January

Hunter comes home and finds Charlotte and Matt together. Roo reveals that she has broken up with James and admits that she should have trusted her instincts, which serves to remind Marilyn that she is doing the opposite by not telling John how she feels about their vows. Charlotte is dragged deeper into Trystanʼs web.