Coronation Street: Tim catches Anna and Kevin together – watch the scene

But will he tell Sally about what he's seen?


Love is definitely in the air for Kevin Webster and Anna Windass and it looks as though Tim Metcalfe is about to cotton on to the fact that the pair are seeing each other in secret.


This Monday’s visit to Corrie finds Kevin calling at the cafe to arrange a date. And, later that day, Anna will be seen dressed up to the nines and dropping Faye off with babysitter Sally.

Realising that Anna has a date, Sally makes some snide remarks, little realising of course that the man who Anna is seeing is actually Sally’s ex-husband.

But it looks like the subterfuge can soon be exposed for when Kevin and Anna head off to town in a taxi, who should see them but Sally’s current husband Tim! Will he reveal all to Sally about what he’s witnessed?

You can watch the scene from Monday’s episode below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama.


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