Latest movies: The Hateful Eight, Partisan, A War, Bolshoi Babylon

Tarantino’s wild Western epic, Middle-East conflict, dystopia Down Under and the brutal world of Russian ballet: in cinemas 8 January



An American, an Englishman and a Mexican walk into a haberdashery… You’ll have to wait patiently for the punchline in Quentin Tarantino’s latest, typically audacious western epic, but if you’re a die-hard QT fan it’s worth investing your time. Kurt Russell, Samuel L Jackson and Tim Roth are among the titular number, holed up during a blizzard.



Hanna meets Dogtooth in a bold Australian drama where Vincent Cassel is the head of a cult, raising children to kill. A big burden rests on the young shoulders of Jeremy Chabriel as the teacher’s pet who rebels. It’s divided critics but if you’re feeling a bit dystopian this new year, this may be for you.

 A WAR ★★★★

A sobering story of boots on the ground in Afghanistan, told from the perspective of a Danish commanding officer. He’s played by Pilou Asbaek – a name you may not be familiar with now, but if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones then you soon will be. He’s joining the show this year as eye-patched pirate Euron Greyjoy.


If you thought Black Swan was cut-throat, this documentary portrait of the Bolshoi ballet company reveals even more bloodthirsty appetites. You could view it as a microcosm of a corrupt Russian government if you weren’t afraid of being assassinated for saying so. In view of which, we’re not…


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