Emma Watson’s starting a Feminist Book Club and wants JK Rowling to join

The actress and UN Women Goodwill ambassador needs help to find a name for the group on Twitter


She’s best known for playing one of the literary world’s most famous heroines (and bookworms) in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, but Emma Watson wants to start her own feminist book club now – and she’s eager for the author to be a part of it.


Watson took to Twitter last night to reveal that she was keen on the idea of starting a new reading group, but couldn’t think of a suitable name for it.

It wasn’t long before the suggestions started rolling in.

And of course, there were some Potter themed ones too.

Amid the suggestions for group names, one tweeter posed an interesting idea.

Watson was immediately on board and said she’d definitely reach out the the author, but how will JK Rowling respond? And which books will be at the top of their brand new reading lists?


Watch this space…