The Channel 5 trailer for The X-Files will make it feel more real to UK fans

The truth is coming to a TV screen near you this February...


Until recently, the coming of the new series of The X-Files may have felt to UK viewers like something of an abstract concept – the return of a US show to US TV, which would have to be sought out if you wanted to watch it. But this Channel 5 branded trailer makes it feel just that bit more accessible; a reminder – in fact, news to many – that we will actually get to see it on a television screen near us.


Of course, if you’re really desperate to see it – and this tasty trailer could help whet your appetite – you may well find other ways to watch it after it lands in America on 24th January, some days before it’s due here in “early February”. Either way, there’s perhaps something about knowing that the extra-terrestrial drama will have a home on terrestrial UK TV that makes it feel a little more real…