Hasbro is adding Rey to Star Wars Monopoly after reading this little girl’s letter

The US toymaker came under fire online for failing to include the film's central character in the latest Star Wars edition of the popular board game


Where’s Rey? Coming soon to a Star Wars Monopoly board near you, according to Hasbro.


The US toymaker faced backlash from fans online when it emerged that the current Force Awakens edition of the board game didn’t feature the film’s female lead – in fact, it didn’t feature any female characters at all.

The company, which has previously come under fire online for a perceived failure to produce enough Rey action figures and merchandise, has now opted to include Daisy Ridley’s Force Awakens character in future editions of the board game.

And they say they’re doing so partly in response to one little girl’s letter, which has been shared thousands of times on Twitter in the past 24 hours.

Annie Rose’s wise words struck a chord with those following the ‘Where’s Rey?’ campaign – and it seems it was just too important to ignore.

Hasbro’s claims that the game couldn’t possibly have included Rey for fear of spoiling the film aren’t going unquestioned, though.

“The time has come to recognise the importance of female leading characters. In the future, we would love to see retailers embrace female characters as fully as they embrace male characters. After all, why wasn’t it considered a spoiler to include any of the other new *male* characters in SW Monopoly?”, asks Carrie Goldman, Annie Rose’s mother who initially shared the letter online.


That, dear readers, is the question.