Louise Brealey proves Sherlock’s Abominable Bride looks even better with a moustache

Step aside Watson, there's a new facial hair phenomenon in town


When Martin Freeman’s John Watson grew a moustache the internet went into a frenzy, but that was nothing compared to the reaction when Molly Hooper’s own facial hair made its debut in the Sherlock New Year special.


Actress Louise Brealey couldn’t get over the love for her character’s new look in The Abominable Bride, as fans praised Hooper’s effort to pretend to be a man in order to play with the big boys in the Victorian morgue.

So, time to make the marvellous moustache permanent? It certainly would make any future costume choices very intriguing…


We can totally see why fans are calling for Molly to keep the ‘mo’ for Sherlock series 4.