What did you think of Sherlock: The Abominable Bride?

It was all change in this year's Sherlock Christmas special as the time period shifted back to Arthur Conan Doyle's original Victorian setting. Not to mention Watson's thoroughly disconcerting moustache...


What an idea it was to fling BBC1’s modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes back to its original era. Taxi cabs became horses and carts, hellos became ‘how do you do’s, and the city of London was a sea of frightfully posh top hats.


Sherlock has always added a modern twist on the classic mystery formula, but this installment saw no coding geniuses or forensic magic, instead we were treated to a good old fashioned story of a murderous ghost. Did you manage to solve the conundrum before the end? What about the time shift – do you think the move back to 1895 was playful, or just plain ridiculous? 

Once you’ve gathered all the clues, considered the evidence, and then ruminated over a glass of scotch, let us know what you think in the comments section below.