Here’s how to build your own Lego BB-8

Never mind the layout of the Death Star, these BB-8 instructions are JUST the plans you're looking for

You might find him rolling around as a Lego mini-figure but is it possible to BUILD your own BB-8 from those little hard edged plastic bricks?


You bet’cha, and one enterprising Lego lover has figured out how it’s done. YouTuber dansto67 has worked out a 267 piece plan that will allow you to create your own BB-8, using all those little pieces you always lost beneath the sofa. Plus, his video guide is really quite mesmerising…

And now he’s campaigning to have his dream become a reality via the Lego Ideas project, which allows fans to submit plans for sets. If enough people express an interest (10,000 to be precise) Lego will look into producing their designs.


Dan’s droids are beginning to spark interest, but will they have what it takes to build enough momentum and see the Lego force awaken?