Does a Star Wars short story reveal how Kylo Ren got his hands on one of Darth Vader’s most precious possessions?

Some of Episode VII's biggest questions have been answered off screen – has this mystery finally been solved too?

How on earth did Kylo Ren get hold of Darth Vader’s helmet? That’s the question Star Wars fans have been asking since the Sith Lord’s infamous breathing apparatus, warped and twisted from the heat of his funeral pyre, first popped up in the trailer for The Force Awakens.


When last we saw Vader’s headgear (in chronological order at least) it was atop that very pyre on Endor, where son Luke was giving him a traditional Jedi send off following his “salvation” and murder of Emperor Palpatine.

And yet Kylo Ren’s keeping it locked away safely in his chambers on board the First Order’s finest star destroyers and battle cruisers. But how?

Well, if you read new Star Wars short story The Perfect Weapon, you’ll learn that Bazine Natal (she who shops Rey, Finn and Han to The First Order while they’re hanging out in Maz’s castle on Takodana) was hired by someone to carry out a very special mission to Endor – and pick up something from a former Stormtrooper who once lived there.

A former Stormtrooper who’d been a captain at the Battle of Endor, during which the Death Star blew up and Darth Vader died.


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