11 things in American high school movies that confused every British kid

Cheerleaders, eating lunch in the loo, going to prom— your secondary school was not like this...

Why were their cafeteria tribes so clearly defined? You and your friends were way too busy trying to stomach that lumpy mash to worry about being at the right table…


Wait, so these American kids didn’t have to lug their GCSE science book around all day? And why did all the drama happen in those corridors?

While your PE lesson consisted of navy shorts, patchy grass and a flat netball, these glitzy American girls were wearing glittery lycra, screaming animal names, and throwing people in the air while doing the splits.

You thought they had something to do with cleaning products but then you realised it was actually where American kids watch all the sports they’re so into. You just called them ‘seats.’

Your friends in year 10 did NOT look like this. These kids looked more like they should have proper careers and homes… and their own kids.

You were being dropped off by your mum while these kids were cruising around in their own cars, taking their friends to the mall for milkshakes after class. Even if you were having driving lessons, you didn’t get your own convertible.

It was a bit odd when teachers broadcast messages into all classrooms. You were more into listening to Top of the Pops than Teacher Radio.

Wait, why did your school put an awkward dance with plastic cups of squash and a few balloons while this lot got a black tie ball fit for A-listers?

While you were wearing a uniform and being told to wear less make up, American kids were wearing outrageous things to class that you wouldn’t even wear to a party.

Why did all misfits eat their sandwiches on the loo? Nobody in their right mind would have consumed anything in the cubicles at your school.


Of course people gossiped constantly your school, but they didn’t make it quite so obvious. All American high schoolers lined the corridors to gawp at the latest prey with no subtlety whatsoever. Oh, America!