Ford files Batman-style patent that turns car’s back wheel into a uni motorcycle

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Bruce Wayne tends to drive custom-built company cars from Wayne Enterprises (and Lamborghinis) but he might soon have a new supplier: Ford.


In one of the coolest moments in The Dark Knight, the Batmobile is irreparably damaged. But have no fear, the Caped Crusader has a trick up his… cape. With the press of a button, the front wheels of the car transform into a motorcycle (or ‘Batpod’, because that’s how Batman rolls) and he is free to continue his pursuit of the Joker.

Well, now Ford wants to bring a similar feature to your minivan.

In a patent application spotted by Gizmodo, the car maker describes a contraption that would turn your back wheel into a self-balancing unicycle. It doesn’t quite ‘eject’ in the same way – instead it uses an automatic jack system to prop the car up, leaving you to detach then re-attach the wheel manually – but other than that it’s almost exactly like the Dark Knight’s.

Except the Dark Knight didn’t ride a unicycle, because the headline “Batman saves the day on self-balancing unicycle” is funnier than most of the Joker’s gags.


Bear in mind that these sorts of patents are filed by big companies all the time, so don’t expect your own Batpod any time soon. For now, you’ll have to fight crime from on top of a hoverboard.