Remember that time Osgood and Captain Jack appeared in a musical together?

Ingrid Oliver and John Barrowman may belong to different eras of Doctor Who but they've already hit some musical high notes together

Osgood and Captain Jack have appeared in a musical together. Well, sort of…


You see, before Ingrid Oliver’s Doctor Who days she had a sketch show with fellow comedian Lorna Watson. It ran for two series on BBC2 and for its very first episode featured a guest appearance from none other than John Barrowman aka Captain Jack Harkness.

But rather than embark on an adventure through space and time, the pair hit some musical high notes as Barrowman joined Oliver on stage to help showcase her vocal talents. Or so she thought… 

The pair have both been reminiscing on Twitter about their shared scene, which first aired back in 2012. 


It certainly cured our post-Christmas lull.