What YOU thought of the Doctor Who Christmas special 2015

Did The Husbands of River Song deliver the present you were hoping for? Here are some of the best reactions to the 2015 Christmas special


The reviews are in for the Doctor Who Christmas special, and the results are… mixed.


Sorry for the cop out, but while some loved River and the Doctor’s poignant reunion, not everyone was feeling the festive fun of The Husbands of River Song.

Our resident Who expert Patrick Mulkern said he “hoped for more” from 2015’s Christmas special, but what did you think? Here are some of our favourite responses from the sharpest comment box in time and space.

“Hats off to Moffat” – Sharon Scalzi

In the last five years have watched EVERY episode available… I LOVED this episode and am glad to finally know how she got that sonic… and am going to bed wondering if that was the last time we’ll see her. Seems she had a few more pages in her diary…hats off to MOFFAT – wonderful episode!

“Peter Capaldi is wasted” – Eileen Wilson

Peter Capaldi is super but wasted with scripts that are too drawn out. The last twenty minutes were good. I loved the Matt Smith season for pace and humour. Stephen Moffat is an excellent writer but sometimes bogged down in monologue. Watched this with two fans and parents. We all of us gave up at some point. River’s monologue had me off to the kettle and I like Alex Kingston. Greg Davies’ comic genius was under-utilised and that’s his strength.

“Was blubbing at the end” – Ian Scales

The beginning was all fluff, but once they landed on that spaceship and it was all about the Doctor and River, I loved it. Was blubbing at the end.

“Like Disney watering down Doctor Who” – Georgina Jane Petty

Unsure. Like Disney/Love Actually watering down Doctor Who. Expected more from Hydroflax and Matt Lucas’s characters. Tied a few loose ends though the ending was sugar-coated. Hmm. Liked it in bits.

“I miss a Christmas Day attack on London!” – Nancy J Teed

The chemistry between The Doctor and River came through with these two wonderful actors and I think even moved up to a new level. We got lots of our favourite things – “Sweetie”, an awesome – if somewhat exaggerated! – reaction to the inside of the Tardis by the Doctor himself. So much love, laughter and great moments. It was fun and uplifting, all the things we love about the show. Although, I’m kind of missing a Christmas Day attack on London! We used to chuckle about how aliens always chose that day to “visit” London! Great job!

“Let’s remember it is a children’s programme” – Donna Collins

I’ve been watching Dr Who since Jon Pertwee and thought it has come a long way with the special effects. I enjoyed it. Let’s remember it is a childrens programme after all. Merry Christmas.

“Alex and Peter were so brilliant together” – Groc Grochowski

Alex and Peter were so brilliant together it would be an absolute crime if they didn’t have a few more adventures together. (Sorry but the Matt – Alex dynamic was always a bit off.)

“Started off as a real bore… but a really poignant ending” – Ben Woolman

Started off as a real bore and a cringe but became a lot more interesting halfway through particularly when River recognised the Doctor and that really poignant ending. It became like a real Moffat swansong then.

“That’s what makes a great story” – Marika Hamlet Duffeková

I had wanted to see their farewell at the Singing Towers for so long, since the Silence in the Library episode. Since we didn’t get it with Matt Smith, I supposed it would be with Capaldi… And now that I’ve seen it, I wish Moffat had postponed it to another Doctor, because Capaldi and Alex were just so marvellous and the last scene was just so touching I completely lost it.


But, I suppose, that’s what makes a great story, and that’s what made this whole season so wonderful – innovative, hilarious, yet heart-breaking – but even with that broken heart you know it couldn’t have happened otherwise.