Harry Potter themed workout will make those pounds disappear while you watch the movies

It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Harry Potter marathon"

Have you been going a little heavy on the pumpkin pasties? Downing a little too much Butterbeer?


Never fear, the Harry Potter workout is here, to get you back in shape just in time for the New Year.

You might have heard of a magical movie marathon, but this inventive new wizarding workout – shared by MuggleNet.com – revolutionises the concept by introducing little exercises for fans to do while watching the movies.

Heard a painting talk? That’s 25 crunches, please. And by the time you’ve done 50 jumping jacks you’ll probably think Hagrid “shouldn’t have said that” either.


But hey, at least you’ll be feeling fit by December 31st! Just in time to gobble a few chocolate frogs and raise a glass of firewhisky to celebrate the dawn of 2016…