How to make your own Shaun the Sheep!

Five steps to creating your own Radio Times cover star


1x lump of white modelling clay

1x lump of black modelling clay

2x cocktail sticks


Warm the clay in your hands to soften it first 


Take the white clay and divide in half. Take one half and roll it into a sausage shape to make Shaun’s body. Take the other half and divide it in half again. Roll one lump into an oval shape to make Shaun’s tail. Make one end of the oval thinner and longer. You will attach this end to Shaun’s body.


From the remaining white clay, make two pea-sized balls for the eyes and a slightly bigger ball for Shaun’s topknot. Squash the topknot ball to flatten it slightly. 


Now for the legs! Take the black clay and divide in half. Roll one lump of clay into a nice long sausage the length of an A4 piece of paper, then tear it into four sausages of an equal length for legs and a fifth strip for the feet. To make the feet, mould four balls the size of marbles, then squash them to make the base. Squidge the feet firmly onto bottom of the legs and smooth over.


Divide the remaining black clay in half and with one lump make an egg shape for the head. Flatten the top of the head and make little dents at the front where the eyes go. Use the cocktail stick to create two nostrils. Use the remaining black clay to make the ears and pupils.

Attach the ears to the side of the head. Wash your hands before handling the white clay, then add the topknot and eyeballs to the head. Carefully put the pupils in the middle of the eyes. You might find it easier to use a cocktail stick to positions the pupils.


Use the cocktail sticks to help support your Shaun model in the weak spots where the head and tail are attached to the body. Stick the cocktail sticks in the body first and then attach the head and tail. Finally, put Shaun’s body on top of his legs. The legs sit on the four corners of the body. 

Send us pictures of your Shauns and we’ll feature the best in a future issue of RT or on Send them to feedback@ and put Shaun the Sheep in the subject line. 

Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas is on Boxing Day, 6:10pm, BBC1