What did you think of the Doctor Who Christmas special – The Husbands of River Song?

The Doctor and River Song were reunited, but between a galactic starliner of villains and King Hydroflax they had their hands full...


Why is The Doctor such a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas jollity? It never seems to serve him well, as year on year the crises just keep on coming.


Christmas 2015 saw The Doctor finally reunited with River Song, though it was the first time they had encountered one another since he regenerated into Peter Capaldi. Was it great to see Alex Kingston back on screen? We’ve certainly missed her. 

Then there was the issue of King Hydroflax, played by the delightful Greg Davies. Was his performance spot on? Or were you moments away from applying the sonic screwdriver to your temple?

Let us know if you thought this episode was ‘Time Lord’ or ‘time bored’ in the comments section below.