The Doctor’s got a new Sonic Screwdriver – but we’re more interested in River’s Sonic Trowel…

Is River Song's device a trowel, a pizza cutter, the Starship Enterprise or what...?

You’d think that after all that fuss about the Sonic Sunglasses (you’ll miss them now they’re gone) the thing we’d be most interested in, in this first pic from the Doctor Who Christmas special, would be the Doctor’s new Sonic Screwdriver.


Not that it isn’t good to see it back – and not that it isn’t pretty cool with that chunky handle and TARDIS-blue detailing – but no, it’s the device(?) in River Song’s hand that has us most intrigued. What is it?

We think and hope that it’s a Sonic of some sort – she’s certainly brandishing it as if it is – but to us it looks less like a screwdriver and more like…


A garden trowel

A pizza cutter

The Starship Enterprise

A Starship Enterprise pizza cutter

Yep, forget the Doctor’s Screwdriver, this boldly goes where no Sonic has gone before…