Emmerdale: Aaron burns himself as self-harming problems resurface – Danny Miller interview

"It'll get quite bad for him and will lead to a situation where he'll put himself at risk," says the actor

Troubled Aaron Livesy will start self harming again next year after catching his dad Gordon with mum Chas.


Aaron, who has been estranged from his father for a number of years, will find his old demons resurfacing in scenes to be shown in January.

But Aaron will be caught trying to burn himself on the candles of his own birthday cake by Cain, who is then in need of convincing that he shouldn’t tell Chas.

Speaking about the upcoming storyline, actor Danny Miller says: “Aaron is not doing this to hurt himself. He’s releasing pain anger. It would be easy for him to beat someone up, but eventually he’s going to end up in prison and he knows that.

“So he takes the anger out on himself. For him, it’s like a release of adrenaline, so he can relax. And it happens when things are really bad and he can’t deal with it.

“He thinks that the best way of dealing with it is by doing something that’s so familiar to him – harming himself.”

And how will Cain react when he sees what Aaron is doing? “Well, Aaron tells Cain that he was just messing about and that he shouldn’t worry. And Cain takes Aaron’s word for it.

“And that’s when Aaron realises that he needs to do this in a more secret environment. So you start to see him do it while he’s alone.”

And it seems that things are only going to get worse for Aaron before they get better. Speaking about what the future holds for his character as the self harming intensifies, Miller explains:

“It’ll get quite bad for him and will lead to a situation where he’ll put himself at risk. People say to me in the street that Aaron has got a dark past. And I’ve got friends who are similar to Aaron in a way – in that they’ve got bad pasts that follow them through their lives and they can’t forgive themselves.

“Bad news and bad karma seem to follow Aaron everywhere. And you’ll find out a lot more about who Aaron is as a person now that Gordon is on the show.”

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